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Born a Lancastrian, I have lived in Sutton Coldfield since 1969 but only began to take an interest in the place when I retired and needed to fill those hours when the weather prevented golf,  bowls or gardening. Local and family history now consume so much time that the gardening has had to go.

Although an ancient place , nothing much of any great national importance ever happened in Sutton Coldfield. Despite that there is a continuing fascination with the town's past and many excellent books have been written on the subject. Several web sites have  partial histories and I hope I will be exused  this presumtive attempt to bring  a wider view of Sutton Past to the Web.

This however a work in progress that has only just begun with A - it may take me some time to get to Z

Where is Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield is approximately 6 miles north of Birmingham on the A5127 ( formerly the A38 ).

It was created a Royal Town by Charter in 1528, became a municipal corporation in 1886 and lost its independance by merger into the City of Birmingham in 1974. Thereby the reality of Suttons position as a dormitory suburb of Birmingham was officially recognised

History of Ord families in England
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This is not a work of scholarship; it is a highly selective, possibly idiosyncratic compendium of topics relating to the history of the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield based on information compiled from the work and research of others and made freely available at the Local History Library, on the World Wide Web or from the numerous sources and publications listed in the Acknowlegements. Any errors or omissions however are entirely my responsibility and any reader should feel free to point out any inaccuracies.




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